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A Autoridade de Supervisão de Seguros e Fundos de Pensões (ASF), entidade responsável pela regulação e supervisão da atividade seguradora, resseguradora, dos fundos de pensões e respetivas entidades gestoras e da mediação de seguros atesta a atividade da Companhia e certifica que a Caravela cumpre o requisito de capital de solvência e capital mínimo.



(A) Means of filing a complaint to Caravela

Complaints can be sent to the following address or e-mail address of the Complaints Management Service (SGR) as well as presented in any Delegation of the Company or Mediator.

Complaints may also be submitted through the Complaints Book (physical or electronic).

Minimum requirements for filing a complaint

  • Presentation in writing, or by other means that leave a durable record, preferably digital;
  • Full name of the complainant and, if applicable, of the person representing him/her;
  • Reference to the quality of the claimant, namely of policyholder, insured person, beneficiary or injured third party or the person that represents him/her, when the claim is addressed to an insurance company;
  • Contact details of the complainant and, if applicable, the person representing him/her;
  • Identification document number of the claimant;
  • Description of the facts that motivated the complaint, identifying the intervenient and the date when the facts occurred, except if this is manifestly impossible;
  • Date and place of the claim.
  • The complaint, which shall be acknowledged within 5 working days, shall be replied to in writing within a maximum of 20 working days counting from the reception of the complaint, provided that it complies with the minimum requirements indicated. The aforementioned deadline for reply may be extended to 30 working days in cases of particular complexity.

    (B) Autonomous Complaints Management Function

    The autonomous function responsible for complaints management is exercised by the Complaints Management Service (SGR) of Caravela.


    • Telephone: 217 958 690 (national landline call)

    • By post addressed to:

    Caravela-Companhia de Seguros, S.A.
    Claims Management
    Avenida Marquês de Tomar nº2 - 3º Andar
    1050-155, Lisboa

    You can also consult the Complaints Management Regulation, in its entirety, by clicking on here

    (C) Complaints Book

    Complaints may be filed in the "electronic" Complaints Book.

    (D) Means of filing a complaint with the Customer Ombudsman

    Customers may lodge complaints with the customer ombudsman appointed by Caravela or email to the contacts below.

    Claims submitted by policyholders, insured parties, beneficiaries or injured third parties, in relation to which:

    a) No response has been received by CARAVELA within a maximum of 20 working days counting from the date of its receipt, or within a maximum of 30 working days in cases of special complexity;

    b) Having been given an answer by Caravela, the complainant disagrees with the meaning of the answer.

    (E) Customer Ombudsman (Contacts, Regulations and Recommendations)

    Name: Dr. António Galvoeira Mira

    Endereço Profissional: Avenida Marquês de Tomar nº2 - 3º Andar 1050-155, Lisboa

    Fax: 217 958 694

    For further information on the operating regulations of the Caravela's Customer Ombudsman, recommendations issued, indication of their acceptance by Caravela and respective grounds, please consult here.

    Customer Ombudsman's Recommendations – Durante o ano de 2023 o Provedor do Cliente não emitiu qualquer recomendação dirigida aos serviços da Companhia.

    (F) Means of filing a complaint with the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority (ASF)

  • By post to the address: Avenida da República, 76, 1600-205 Lisbon
  • Through the ASF Consumer Portal, by filling in the form available at:
  • The ASF only assesses complaints that have been previously submitted to the entity complained against and which have not been resolved, which are not pending in other instances and to which no reply has been given by the entity complained against within a maximum of 20 working days counting from the date of receipt of the respective reply or when, having given a reply, the complainant disagrees with its meaning.

    Minimum requirements of the Claim:

  • Full name and contact details of the complainant and, if applicable, the person representing it;
  • Identification document number of the complainant;
  • Power of Attorney granted by the claimant in favour of the person representing him, if applicable;
  • Identification of the entity claimed;
  • Description of the facts;
  • Copy of the claim filed with the entity complained against and proof of the date of its presentation
  • Reply from the entity complained against, if any.
  • In the applicable cases, the policy or contract number, the number of the claim file and the number of the claim file attributed by the entity claimed may also be indicated.

    (G) Recourse to Courts and out-of-court dispute resolution mechanisms

    The possibilities of complaint to Caravela, to the designated client ombudsman or to ASF, do not prejudice the possibility, in case of dispute, national or cross-border, of recourse to the courts or to extrajudicial dispute resolution mechanisms such as arbitration, under the legal terms in force and better described in Law no. 63/2019, of 16 August.

    In cases where CARAVELA is not a member or does not wish to join the arbitration centre, clients can resort to the Courts or the Courts of Peace (these can only intervene in cases that do not exceed 15,000.00 euros).

    The mechanisms for out-of-court dispute resolution include the Alternative Dispute Resolution Entities, which allow consumer disputes to be resolved out of court, and are usually quick, simple and inexpensive for the consumer.

    CARAVELA is a member of the Insurance Information, Mediation and Arbitration Centre - CIMPAS, - for national or cross-border disputes related to motor insurance contracts (limited to disputes resulting from traffic accidents which do not result in permanent disability or death of the injured parties and which involve less than 4 vehicles), Multi-risks and Civil Liability.

    In the other insurance contracts, adherence is on a case-by-case basis, depending on the specific dispute.

    Lisbon Headquarters: Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, 11 – 9.º Esq.; 1050-115 Lisboa

    • Telephone: 213 827 700 (national landline call)

    • Fax: 213 827 708

    • E-mail:

    North Branch: R. do Infante D. Henrique, 73, Piso 1, 4050-297 Porto

    • Telephone: 226 069 910 (national landline call)

    • Fax: 226 094 110

    • E-mail:

    • Site:

    Specific information on alternative dispute resolution for online contracting

    Without prejudice to the possibility of recourse to alternative dispute resolution entities, whenever a contracting situation is exclusively online (via the Internet), the resulting consumer disputes can be resolved through the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform.

    This platform, which is managed by the European Commission and can be used free of charge, is aimed at consumers who contract exclusively online (via the Internet) and is intended to help them resolve disputes without having to go to court.

    (H) Customer handling policy

    Caravela has, under the legal and regulatory terms, a Treatment Policy that is available for consultation here.

    (I) Caravela Code of Conduct

    Caravela also has, under the legal and regulatory terms, a Treatment Policy that is available for consultation here.

    (J) Disclosure of Protocols, Conventions, Various Agreements with impact on the relationship with the Customer

    - CRS - Claims Settlement Agreement - is an agreement/procedure that exists for the purpose of settling/arbitrating between insurance companies, claims of various types, namely "Occupational Accident" (AT), "Hospital Expenses" (DH), "Personal Injury" (DP).

    - DAAA - Amicable Automobile Accident Statement / e-segurnet - Protocol between insurance companies for the management of automobile claims, making the settlement process simpler. See more details here.

    - DADA - Friendly Statement on Water Damage - Protocol between insurance companies for the management of water damage claims in buildings under horizontal property regime, making the regularisation process simpler. See more details here.

    - FHS - Hospital Billing to Insurers - cooperation protocol regarding the billing and collection of costs with health services from insurers by hospitals in the National Health Service.

    - FNM / NSA - Ficheiro Nacional de Matrículas / Nº Segurnet Automóvel - Daily information reporting mechanism, on behalf of insurance companies, to ensure compliance with Regulatory Standard No. 11/2016-R, of 20 October, on Information Collection within the scope of Compulsory Automobile Civil Liability Insurance.

    - DME - Direct Indemnity to the Insured - A protocol entered into by the majority of the insurance companies in the Portuguese market, allowing the policyholder, within the scope of motor insurance, to settle the claim with the insurer himself, who will pay directly to his insured party the losses, thus avoiding the need for him to contact the insurer of the liable third party. The protocol is applicable to accidents occurring in Portugal, in which only two vehicles with valid insurance are involved and only material damage of less than a certain amount results. It is also necessary that the Amicable Motor Accident Declaration (DAAA) be duly filled in and signed by both drivers.

    - PAT - electronic participation of work accidents, protocol between insurance companies for the management of work accident claims, making the process simpler.

    (K) CARAVELA monitors, through periodic evaluations, the quality, suitability and effectiveness of its policies and of its procedures and controls relating to market conduct, and the results of these evaluations are included in the extract of the report sent to the ASF.

    (L) - CARAVELA is only authorised to carry on non-life insurance business, not to sell capitalisation insurance and capitalisation operations.

    (M) - Other required disclosures


    Consult here information on average settlement periods for automobile claims.

    Lack or Incorrect Indication of Beneficiaries

    In accordance with Decree-Law 384/2007, of 19 November, regarding the protection of insurance beneficiaries, in the event of Death of the insured or policyholder, failure to indicate or incorrect indication of the identification details of the Beneficiary(ies) may make it impossible for Caravela to comply with the duties of information and communication set out in that legislation.

    The Beneficiary(ies) in case of Death of a personal accidents insurance contract shall be the natural or legal person clearly named in the clause

    If no Beneficiary(ies) are named, the legal heirs of the insured or policyholder will be considered for this purpose.