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The present Privacy Policy applies to the collection and processing of personal data carried out by CARAVELA - Companhia de Seguros, S.A., hereinafter referred to as CARAVELA, within the scope of its activity.

CARAVELA, as the controller, uses the technical security mechanisms necessary to guarantee the privacy of its clients and ensure the highest protection of the personal data personal information gathered.

CARAVELA considers it a priority to comply with all the applicable legal regulations regarding privacy and data protection, as well as the changes expected with the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation on 25 May 2018.

In compliance with the Law and taking into account the demands of its Customers, partners and employees and the value of a trustworthy of a relationship of trust with the market, CARAVELA has approved a demanding personal data protection policy personal information


Personal data means any information, of whatever nature and whatever the support medium, including sound and image, concerning a natural or identifiable person.

No âmbito da sua atividade, a CARAVELA procede à recolha e tratamento de dados pessoais necessários à prestação de serviços, e comunicação com os seus clientes

The entity responsible for collecting and processing the data is CARAVELA, which will decide at each moment all the aspects related to the collection and processing of the data, such as which data is data collected, which are the best collection and processing mechanisms and for what purpose.

The collection of personal data may be carried out directly by CARAVELA, through the website or its collaborators, or through third parties, provided that they are duly authorised and accredited for and within the scope of what is strictly necessary for providing the services, in accordance with CARAVELA's CARAVELA's Privacy Policy.


CARAVELA will gather and process personal data during the simulation, submission of of the proposal, the signing of the insurance contract and its execution, depending on the type of insurance.


The personal information collected is for the provision of services by CARAVELA, within the scope of its its activity as an insurance company.

In general, the data collected is intended for a better adequacy of the services provided, the organisation, management and maintenance of the customer network, including the provision of information and communications for direct marketing purposes, including SMS messages, emails, information and commercial offers, regarding new insurance products and commercial campaigns.

The personal data collected is processed by computer and stored in our own databases under the strictest information security criteria.


The time for conservation and storage of data may vary according to the purpose for which for which the information is collected and processed.

The data will be stored only for the minimum period necessary for the purposes of collection and processing, after which time the data will be deleted.

In certain cases stipulated by law, CARAVELA may be required to keep the personal information collected for for a certain minimum legal period.


The data subject is guaranteed the right to access, update, rectify or delete personal data. personal data.

The holder of the data will be able at any time to oppose or refuse the processing of the data by CARAVELA, which will guarantee, to this end, a mechanism for controlling the information collected.


CARAVELA has implemented strict internal security policies and rules to protect its clients' information and personal details of its clients by all those that access the data, as well as guaranteeing their loss, improper access or illicit treatment.


The data collected is for the exclusive use of CARAVELA.

The information may be supplied to subcontracted third parties to which CARAVELA, as the entity responsible for entity responsible for processing the information may use to provide services, in accordance with the CARAVELA's Privacy Policy.

If these entities should have access to personal information, CARAVELA guarantees that these entities offer the highest guarantees regarding security and data protection.

Any entity sub-contracted by CARAVELA to process the data in the name and on behalf of CARAVELA is obliged to adopt the technical organisational measures necessary for the protection of the data under the terms established contractually with CARAVELA.


CARAVELA ensures that the information being processed is correct and up to date, as well as guaranteeing that adoption of appropriate measures so that the owners of the data can exercise their rights as foreseen by law.

CARAVELA reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time. policy, which will always be available at


CARAVELA is committed to full cooperation with the supervisory bodies of the different Member States of the European Union and contribute to a culture of respect for privacy and data security.