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Caravela - Companhia de Seguros S.A. has, as one of its biggest commitments, the protection of its Customers.

Our teams are ready to provide you with the service you need to management of your policy, but your contribution is crucial.


It is the responsibility of employers to ensure the safety conditions of their employees in the execution of their tasks. Should you need it, Caravela is at your disposal to collaborate with you in identifying some measures that reduce the risk of accident, which may also lead to a possible reduction in the insurance premium.


Variable Premium Contracts

In variable bonus contracts, the Employer must ensure that the workers' pay slips, known as holiday pay slips, are sent out by the 15th of the following month. The holiday pay slips must include all remunerations paid to the employees on a regular basis (base salary, holiday bonus, Christmas bonus, food subsidy and other remunerations).

The holiday leaf files should preferably be in TXT or EUR format, in order to allow their automatic processing. They may be sent through your Insurance Agent or through the MyCaravela Customer area, at, using your customer number, which is displayed in the top left-hand corner of Caravela communications.

Sending the files through these channels allows not only to validate that the file being submitted has the correct structure, but also to build the pay slips with the correct structure, from a file you already have or even from the file you send to Social Security, according to the guidelines of the Portuguese Insurers Association.

If for any reason you are unable to submit your holiday travel arrangements on MyCaravela or send them to your Agent, you can, as a last resort, send them via email to

Failure to send holiday sheets may result in an increase of the insurance premium, in accordance with the provisions of point 4 of Special Condition 01, included in the General Conditions of the Uniform Policy of Occupational Accidents. Also know that, without them, Caravela Seguros is unable to make any payment of wages to its employees, in the event of a claim.

Fixed Premium Contracts

The contract must include all remunerations paid to employees on a regular basis (basic salary, holiday allowance, Christmas bonus, food allowance and other remuneration). Any inclusion or exclusion of insured persons or change in salaries must be immediately communicated to Caravela by means of a proposed amendment.


Find out where to take the claimant

If the injury is serious, you should refer him/her to the nearest public hospital emergency nearest public hospital for emergency health care, indicating the number of the policy. Caravela policy number.

If the injury is not serious but the injured person needs immediate medical attention, they should call to the Occupational Accident Assistance Telephone Line 220 141 945 (national landline call), available on working days and weekends from 08:00h to 20:00h, or outside these hours, you should consult the assistance network available on the site

If you cannot find a health unit that suits you, do not hesitate to go to the nearest public hospital.

VERY IMPORTANT: Ensure that the claimant takes the claim report with him/her when visiting the clinical entity of the Caravela network to which he/she has been referred, namely when he/she is doing so in the days following the accident.

get to know our clinical assistance network

Caravela has a complete network of health units available to its claimants, throughout the country, of high quality and with comprehensive medical services.

On the Caravela website you will only find those that guarantee permanent medical attention or for an extended period.

However, you can find out about the health units serving the regions where your company's your company's plants are located, through your broker or commercial manager.

We suggest that, in the event of a claim, you always call our Assistance in the case of an accident at work 220 141 945 (call to the national fixed line network), available weekdays and weekends from 08am to 8pm.

Our objective is to ensure that your injured employee goes to the health facility with the most suitable facilities for the type of injury and to be able to prepare the provider for their arrival.



After ensuring the immediate medical care of your injured employees, ensure the

Electronic participation is compulsory for companies with more than 10 employees, but given the easy to fill in and automatically sent to Caravela, we suggest that it always be

After submitting the electronic participation, it is immediately forwarded to Caravela. At that time, the policyholder will be able to print out a copy of the complete report and another copy with the relevant information to hand to the clinical provider.

We reiterate that clinical assistance to the claimant will only be provided without the submission of the accident report on the day of the accident. If you go to the provider to whom you have been referred in the days following the accident, you must accompany yourself with the provider's version of the claim form.

Please do not forget to mention in your participation your contact details, the mobile phone number and email address of your employee, if available, to facilitate all the contacts necessary throughout the clinical management of the process.

We are certain that with your contribution, we will continue to be worthy of your your trust in its protection, as well as that of its collaborators.


Send us an e-mail through Contact form.

About clinical assistance, please call us weekdays from 08am to 8pm.

(national landline call)

(national landline call)

For other questions, please call us on weekdays from 08am to 6pm.

(national landline call)

(national landline call)