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scope of claims

A claim is understood as any manifestation of disagreement in relation to a position taken by Caravela Seguros, or of dissatisfaction in relation to the services provided by it, as well as any allegation of possible non-compliance, presented by policyholders, insured or others.

Statements made during the contractual negotiation process, communications inherent to the claims settlement process and which constitute requests for information or clarification shall be automatically excluded from the concept of claim.


• Phone: 217 958 690 (national landline call)

• By letter addressed to:

Caravela-Companhia de Seguros, S.A.
Claims Management
Avenida Marquês de Tomar nº2 - 3º Andar
1050-155, Lisboa

• Through registration in the Complaints Book existing in all Caravela Seguros premises.

- Through registration in the Electronic Complaints Book, which is a digital platform where interested parties may file complaints about the services provided by Caravela.

To do so, you should click on:

The complaint, after being submitted through the Electronic Complaints Book, is automatically forwarded to the entity complained against and to the regulatory entity of the sector, in this case, the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority - ASF.

The claimant will receive at his electronic mail address, a copy of the claim made, as well as, within fifteen working days, an answer from Caravela, to the exhibition presented.

• Additional information, related to the opening and progress of complaint processes, may be requested by letter, e-mail or telephone to the contacts mentioned above.

Claims requirements

Complaints must be submitted by any means on which a written record is kept and must contain the following requirements:

• Identification of the quality of the claimant, namely, policyholder, insured person, beneficiary or person acting in his/her representation;

• Full name of the complainant and, in the case of a legal person, identification of the legal representative and the quality in which they act;

• Identification document number of the claimant (VAT);

• Complainant's address;

• Contact details of the person lodging the complaint (e-mail preferably, for a quicker response);

• Reason and description of the facts that motivated the complaint, with identification of the intervenient and the dates when the facts occurred, except if it is manifestly impossible;

• Number of the insurance policy or claim file, when the claim concerns one of these objects;

• You can also present us with your proposal for a solution to the problem that motivated the complaint.

When the claim presented does not contain the essential elements for its management, Caravela Seguros will notify the claimant, provided that it is duly identified, inviting him to complete the omissions found.

Communications will not be considered complaints, and will not be treated as such, if:

• They do not contain the essential data to enable them to be managed as a claim;

• They aim at presenting a claim regarding a matter that is within the competence of arbitral or judicial bodies or when the matter object of the claim has already been solved by those bodies;

• Reiterate claims previously presented by the same claimant and in relation to the same situation and which have already received a reply from Caravela Seguros, under the terms of the present regulation;

• Evidence of bad faith or content qualified as vexatious.

• Caravela Seguros will inform the claimants, by any means in which a written record is kept, of the grounds for non-admission as a claim and will proceed to file the same.