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Dear Client,

Accidents happen and we are here to help you solve the problem.

Our claims teams are prepared to provide the necessary medical care and monetary However, it is important that all those involved are aware of and collaborate in the claims management process:

After analysis of the claim and registration of the respective file, we ask our clinical services to contact the claimant and assess whether he is being assisted, in which health unit and what injuries he suffered as a result of the accident. This contact exists even if the claimant has already received.

With this contact, Caravela's Clinical Services are informed of the the injured person's actual state of health and with the necessary information to select the the health unit with the most suitable facilities for their injuries.

After this dialogue, the claimant will be notified by a clinical provider for an initial medical consultation.

The claimant should be informed that in the first consultation his
clinical situation, which may determine:

  • Discharge without disability, or
  • The attribution of temporary incapacity for work and the indication
    of a date for the next consultation, or
  • The continuation of treatment Without disability and the indication of a date
    for the next appointment.

The correct identification of your clinical situation may require complementary examinations of
diagnosis, in accordance with the prescription of the treating physician appointed by Caravela.

Similarly, complete rehabilitation can benefit from the application of the Physical Medicine of
Rehabilitation, normally in the form of physiotherapy sessions, previously authorised by the

In either case, the health unit of the Caravela network will provide all the information
relevant to the continuation of the clinical assistance. At the end of each consultation, a document containing information on the claimant's medical situation - Disability Communication - will be handed to the claimant.

In case of doubt about the clinical situation or need for management of the
consultations, examinations or physiotherapy, please call our
220 141 945 (call to the national fixed network),
available weekdays and weekends from 08:00h to 20:00h.

During the course of recovery the injured person may be entitled to the supply or payment of
de transporte que deve obedecer às condições de comodidade impostas pela natureza da lesão.

The transportation to be used is collective, except if there are none or if another is more indicated by
urgency of treatment or by determination of the treating physician.

In the event of a need for differentiated transport (taxi or ambulance) our provider
clinical will liaise with a Caravela partner in the provision of this service. All
Further contacts will be ensured by our partner.

Caravela will not reimburse transport expenses that have not been previously

All exceptional situations will be managed by the claims manager and should be raised by email

Whenever the injured party is totally or partially unable to carry out his/her professional their professional activity, Caravela shall pay the compensation due temporary incapacity. For your convenience, payment will be made by Bank transfer, the fastest and safest way. It is therefore necessary that the injured party send us proof of IBAN/NIB with the identification of the account holder.

The claimant should also be informed that if he/she incurs any expenses as a result of the accident, he/she should send the respective receipts by email to the address sinistrosnaoauto@

We are sure that with this information, we will be worthy of your trust and collaboration.

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